Sale of welding machines

TAKO Armatura RurociÄ…gi Sp. z o.o. distributes butt welding machines and electrofusion machines for PE, PP and PVDF pipes and fittings manufactured by Georg Fischer. Our offer includes a wide range of welding machine accessories and tools which aim to facilitate welding work.

Butt welding machines

We offer butt welding machines for pipes, welding range from d40 to d1200.
Welding machines can also be equipped with weld recorders.

Electrofusion machines

We offer electrofusion machines for pipes, welding range up to d1200.
All welding machines can record weld reports.
If you are interested in purchasing a welding machine, please contact us at:  Get a quote and let us help you to choose a machine that best suits your needs.

All our devices have the required calibration certificates and CE marking.