Sewer networks

We specialise in the production and sale of fabricated fittings for, including but not limited to, sewer systems. We offer many other elements for the construction of sewer systems:

•    PE 80, PE 100, SDR 7,4 - SDR 33 pipes;
•    Multilayer composite pipes, including RC pipes;
•    PVC underground sewer piping;
•    PE fabricated fittings, butt-welded fittings, electrofusion fittings;
•    PVC fittings;
•    Cast-iron frame and covers, concrete and cast-iron frame and covers, street inlets;
•    Drainage channel systems;
•    PE, PP & PCV plastic manholes, monolithic manholes, folding manholes;
•    Flanged end gate valves, knife gate valves, dampers, cast-iron and PE flap gates, pressure/vacuum relief valves, access cleanouts;
•    INTEGRA casing pipe, casing spacers, casing end seals;
•    INTEGRA Seals.