Water supply networks

TAKO AR offers a wide selection of elements for water supply networks (pipes, valves and gauges, fittings, including fabricated fittings). We continuously offer the following water supply network elements:

•    PE 80, PE 100, SDR 7,4 - SDR 33 pipes;
•    Multilayer composite pipes, including RC pipes;
•    PE Butt-welded fittings;
•    PE +GF+ electrofusion fittings (couplers, elbows, tees, reducers, tapping saddles);
•    Spun cast & grey cast iron fittings;
•    WAGA +GF+ system;
•    Flanged end gate valves, connectors, valves, dampers, filters, compensators;
•    Above-ground fire hydrants, underground fire hydrants;
•    Control valves, release valves, flow controllers, priority valves, fill valves, surge supressors;
•    INTEGRA casing pipes, casing spacers, casing end seals;
•    INTEGRA seals;
•    Water consumption meters.