Welding machines

Butt welding machines & electrofusion machines.

TAKO AR Sp. z o.o., in cooperation with the welding machines manufacturer, the company Georg Fischer, sells, rents and maintains butt welding and electrofusion machines for PE, PP and PVDF pipes and fittings. In addition, we offer accessories to help you to perform correct welds on the construction site.
All our devices have the required calibration certificates and CE marking.


Rental and sale of welding machines:

Marcin Kryk (Wrocław)
tel. +48 607 337 327, +48 71 372 68 50 wew. 37
e-mail: marcin.kryk@tako-ar.eu

Przemysław Morawski (Poznań)
tel. +48 603 410 450, +48 61 656 67 70
e-mail: przemyslaw.morawski@tako-ar.eu


Authorized maintenance of Georg Fischer welding machines:

Paweł Winnicki
tel. +48 691 626 326
e-mail: serwis@tako-ar.eu

Sale of welding machines

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Rental of welding machines

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Maintenance of welding machines

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